Monday, 26 October 2015

Happy Halloween and Other Favorite Holidays

As a real estate agent nothing gives you a better excuse to keep in touch with your clients than the holidays. Whether it is Halloween, the arrival of summer or the two month period from Thanksgiving through to New Years, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to reach out to clients.

Say Hello

You can say hello with a simple message in an email, drop postcards into mail boxes or better yet send out a newsletter (print or digital) with holiday tips, decor ideas and recipes. The more you share the important seasons with your clients, the more you will remain top of mind.

Share Information

Whether you know about some wonderful local holiday event, have a great family recipe you want to share, or even have pictures of the kids and dog dressed up for Halloween, sharing information that is just slightly personal brings you closer to your clients and shows them you are a homey person with a family and life just like their's. It is the perfect way to offer advice, friendly, folksy ideas and information home owners appreciate.

Take Advantage of the Calendar

Use your calendar to your advantage by marking out all of the holidays and seasonal milestones that are ideal for sharing information and contacting clients. You can then plan out what messages you would like to send. Again, how involved you want to get is up to you. The important thing is you take the opportunity to reach out with a plan that will keep you on track with monthly little messages that keep you in touch with clients without appearing overly aggressive.

Newsletters Work

Newsletters are the perfect way to keep in touch throughout the year. You can send them based on your calendar plan with seasonal tips for home maintenance, holiday fun and even special times such as back to school and flu season. Get creative, or use an affordable subscription that provides you with an easy way to send out messages and newsletters that are pre-written with colorful photos to make a good impression. As well newsletters will offer valuable information people will actually appreciate. Many agents report that their clients actually look forward to receiving their newsletters and miss them if they are not sent out.

Realtour offers dozens of seasonal and holiday newsletters ready to send to clients whenever you need them.

Monday, 19 October 2015

4 Reasons you should use a Graphic Designer

As a real estate agent it is essential the marketing tools you use look polished, reflect the beauty of the property and most of all present you as a professional. Whether you are dealing with fellow agents or someone buying or selling a home they expect a professional they can trust to represent their interests and get the job done. Here are four reasons a professional Graphic Designer will provide you with the image you need to find new clients and sell homes:

1.       The Right Message: The average time you have to make an impression with marketing materials is 11 seconds. A Graphic Designer understands how to prioritize messaging and ensure people see what you want them to see. They will make your brand, property information and headline work together so you get your message across quickly.
2.       Brand Consistency: A small investment for graphic design will provide you with the image you want to sell homes. A Graphic Designer will create professional, sleek templates you can use for eflyers, brochures, postcards, etc. using brand consistency to maintain your integrity. Agents will recognize your brand and will be more inclined to read your eflyers and pick up your brochures to share with their clients.
3.       Save Time & Money: No one knows better than you that your time is limited. Struggling to design your own marketing collateral takes time that could be better spent helping your clients. A professional Graphic Designer is educated on how to best capture the look you want and reflect your brand. They can complete your project in a fraction of the time you would, saving you money in the long run.
4.       Professional Image: Just like taking snaps from your cell phone won’t present the homes you are selling in a good light, homemade brochures and other marketing collateral will not sell you as a professional. A Graphic Designer will create a polished look for all of your collateral so people trust you.

Working with a graphic designer will provide you with quality designs for your marketing collateral to instil trust and help you succeed. When in doubt you can at least opt for software that offers ready-made templates designed specifically for real estate agents.

Realtour offers professional Graphic Design services to customize all of your marketing collateral. We also offer templates designed for real estate professionals that make it easy to create your own marketing campaigns. For more information email, or visit to learn more about our virtually effortless real estate marketing tools.

Friday, 9 October 2015

How Real Estate Postcards help find Sellers

Digital marketing has made it easier than ever for buyers to find you and your listings. However when it comes to recruiting the ever elusive seller the most effective tool to find new clients selling their home is real estate postcards! Here is why real estate postcards help find sellers.

  • Real Estate Postcards Hit Home: Postcards provide you with the easiest way to hit your target area without the need for expensive mailing lists. They go right to the people you want to recruit and you can drop them into mailboxes when you are out and about.
  • Home by Home: Got someone looking for a Tudor home in the area? Drop a postcard in the mailboxes of Tudors in the area with a personalized hand written note that says “I have a client with a budget of $500k who is interested in buying your home.”
  • Money Talks: Announcing how much homes are selling for in an area often surprises homeowners who can then be enticed to learn more with an evaluation.
  • Trust Factor: Consumers are still a little suspicious of emails from strangers appearing in their inboxes. Printed postcards can be held in their hand without the fear they might get a virus when they read it.
  • Generating Leads: Postcards help generate leads by planting a seed in the minds of homeowners. When your postcards are received, homeowners take note of your face and the fact you have sold homes in their area. They will remember you when they are thinking of selling, or even to refer you to a friend or family member who might mention selling their home.
  • First to Call: Stats show that 63% of homeowners will work with the first real estate agent they call when selling their home. If you are always dropping your postcards into someone’s mail box your face and information will be familiar and they are more likely to call you rather than looking for someone online. Your call to action to “Call me for your free home evaluation today!” will catch their attention and keep you top of mind.

Real estate postcards are effective because they literally hit people where they live without the need for mailing lists.  

Realtour offers real estate postcard templates designed for your personalized message, images and branding for just $9.99. They are also FREE with our email marketing services, Photo Shoots or Platinum Virtual Tour packages. Click here to open a FREE account or email for more information about our real estate marketing tools and agency Group Discounts.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How Real Estate Eflyers Enhance Your Reach

The best way to sell a house is to get your listing information in front of as many buyers’ agents as possible.  A targeted eflyer blast will reach as many buyers’ agents as you wish to target without depending on them to find you on MLS.

Using the Push Method

The first thing a buyers’ agent does when they get a new client is go to the MLS to search homes.  They make a list and send it to their client.  This is a pull system, where the agent has to go to the MLS to get the info needed.  However, eflyers use a push method that allows you to literally push info to the agent and trigger a "that is just what my client is looking for” response. They are happy to receive the email as it is less work for them.

Email Marketing Works

Your MLS listing can be listed on the market after tons of agents did their MLS search.  What if they miss that listing? The eflyer method gets the listing in front of buyers’ agents faster and they view the listing because it can result in potential earnings for them.

Agents that use eflyers are always repeat users because they see results following every eflyer blast they send. When Realtour first offered our eflyer program, one of our best customers asked "Why would I use an eflyer when all the listings are in the MLS and an agent just has to go there to get the listing info?"   We told him to try it just once and he became a regular eflyer customer because of the responses he got off his first blast. 

Targeted Audience

Realtour has the best delivery method on the Internet.  Almost all of our competitors have the same old, out dated lists sorted by zip as this is the easiest way for a non skilled programmer to sort with zero effort. Realtour has expert programmers who make the effort to maintain a comprehensive list of active agents and email addresses so your eblast always hits interested buyers’ agents.

Stop depending on the pull method. Use the push method by visiting today and enjoy a FREE membership with access to the most effective and affordable eblast and eflyer system in the business.